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once a month for a total of six months using a wash, one treatment roller (MTS Roller model CR5 and up), a topical anesthetic (e.g., benzocaine, lidocaine, tetracaine, pramoxine HCI), two topical esthetics (e.g., peptide, retinol, collagen), a soothing mask, moisturizer, sun block (SPF 30). Clinicians may also use MTS Roller model CR2 for application of the anesthetic. Other treatment options include ultrasound, Ionto, topical skin nutrients, with follow up treatment of microdermabrasion to help smooth the surface and enhance treatment program.


Average MTS Roller application will take approximately 20-30 minutes.

  • Step 1) Preperation
    Thoroughly cleanse the application area.

  • Step 2) Apply local anesthetic
    Apply local anesthetic as needed – recommended for CR5, CR10, CR20, and CR30. You may use a CR2 to deepen and quicken penetration of anesthetic. Cleanse treated area with a sponge after checking anesthesia. CRL suggests a topical anesthetic that contains benzocaine (20%), lidocaine (4%), teracaine (2%), pramoxine HCI (1%).

    Anesthesia - Go to MTS Anesthesia Solution for more info.

  • Step 3) Apply Solution #1
    Clinical studies by Dr. B.J. Kim show that ‘double’ applications increases efficacy of the treatment modality. Apply a sufficient amount of Solution #1 per protocol directly to the treatment area.

    Solutions - Go to MTS Medical Solutions for more info.

  • Step 4) Treatment Roller
    Divide the treatment area(s) into sub-divisions per illustration.
    Apply the treatment roller (CR5, CR10, CR20 and/or CR30) with the same amount of pressure on the skin throughout. Roll the same areas vertically and horizontally.
    Prevent lateral (sideways) movement while rolling, do not over apply pressure.

  • Step 5) Apply Solution #2
    Apply Solution #2 liberally to the treated area. You may also apply ultrasound or onto the treated areas to aid serum absorption.

    Solutions - Go to MTS Medical Solutions for more info.

  • Step 6) Relaxation
    Apply a mask pack or other soothing application for relaxation.

  • Step 7) Postcare (Completion)
    Nutrition and moisturizing management is recommended. Preventative sun-screens are also indicated.

Cleaning MTS Roller™

PROFESSIONAL USE MODELS CR5, CR10, CR20, and CR30: MTS Roller™ can withstand repeated immersion in “cold sterilization” agents such as germicides (phenol, ethyl alcohol) and Cidex™ (glutaraldehyde), and common ultra-sound cleaning devices. Rinse rollers thoroughly before using and return to its protective case after drying.

Storing MTS Roller™

The MTS Roller is delivered in a protective case and sealed in a sterilized pouch. Tear open the pouch at the notch and discard. After each use (and cleaning) return the MTS Roller back to the protective case.
NOTE: Always treat the MTS Roller gently and avoid any contact with hard objects or surfaces. Replace all rollers that have been dropped. Keep rollers out of reach of children.

Important Reminders

Do not use MTS Roller™ on irritated skin, infected skin, fungal skin infections, active acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, severe solar keratosis, raised moles and/or warts, and/or any open wounds or sores. Patients who are not sure about their skin condition should consult a dermatologist before using the MTS Roller™.

Clinical tests have not shown any side effects from using MTS Roller™ when used as directed under the advice or supervision of a trained skin care professional. Use serums, creams and/or any other cosmeceutical or herbal topical only with the advice or supervision of a trained skin care professional.

MTS Roller™ should be stored in the supplied protective plastic box for maximum hygiene and safety after use. The instrument must be kept out of reach of children.

Using MTS Roller™ with cosmetics/cosmeceuticals.

MTS Roller™ is a skin care tool that partially and temporarily pierces the topmost protective layer of skin. We advise that patients/clients apply serums, creams or other ‘topicals’ only under the direction of a qualified skin care professional. The reason is simple. Most skin care topicals (cosmetics, cosmeceuticals) are designed to be harmless while they are on the surface of the skin, however the skin may react differently when such products are infiltrated through the epidermal barrier, such as what occurs with MTS Roller™. We recommend that patients/clients speak to a qualified skin care professional if there is any doubt about the ingredients in any products and whether they are suitable for infiltration.

Sensitivity and Redness when using MTS Roller™

Patients will experience mild sensitivity and redness after treatment; signs that the fine micro points have penetrated the epidermis. The perforated stratum corneum will close within minutes and the sensitivity should abate quickly. The general redness will disappear within one or two hours of treatment. Intensity and duration of any discomfort may increase if the MTS Roller is used in combination with skin care products (cosmetics, cosmeceuticals).

GUARANTEE: 100% Contaminant-Free

MTS Rollers are sterilized with gamma radiation and sealed in a hermetic pouch and are guaranteed to be 100% contaminatant-free upon delivery.

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