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Who is Clinical Resolution Laboratory?

Clinical Resolution Laboratory, Inc. (a California Corporation) is a full service contract product development laboratory serving wholesalers, skin care professionals, resellers, and direct-to-market distributors in Asia and North America.

The company has been engaged in the business of designing, producing and distributing skincare products and cosmeceuticals for global markets since year 2000. The company recently completed 12 months of research and development for MTS Roller™ - a new patented and disposable skincare tool that is now being introduced to target audiences in Asia and the United States.


Create, innovate, and sell high-end clinical quality cosmeceutical products for dermatological and aesthetic skincare professionals and direct to market.


MTS Roller™ is the anchor product for the company’s trademark “Microneedle Therapy System™”, a complete therapeutic method that utilizes several patented technological innovations in the treatment of anti-aging, scars, and hair loss in men and women.

Cosmeceutical Product Line includes a wide range of leading edge applications in the form of crèmes, serums, masks, and washes mainly for anti-aging and hair loss. The company has gained a strong reputation for producing and packaging leading-edge clinical formulations under several recognized brand names in South Korea.


Our commitment is providing unsurpassed research and development for custom-formulated cosmeceutical, nutraceuticals and personal care treatment products. Clinical Resolution is also the soul developer and owner of MTS Roller, a unique patented non-ablative clinical skin treatment tool designed for use by professionals and has a variety of applications in skin health, tissue repair and hair care.

Clinical Resolution Laboratory’s skin solutions are the results of many years of extensive scientific research and clinical testing conducted under the purview of leading scientists and physicians in the field, as well as a cadre of independent laboratories and universities across the United States.

With in-depth knowledge of personal care technology, industry trends, product positioning and large-scale manufacturing, Clinical Resolution Laboratory works as a team with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, independent chemists and testing organizations through each phase of product conceptualization, research and development and increasing distribution. Its team of experts specializes in providing innovative product concepts, efficacious active complexes and new methods to improve the delivery of active ingredients for multi-functional products that achieve highly improved results. The fruits of this ongoing research are highly-differentiated products that are, quite simply, vastly superior to existing rival brands on the market.

The Company markets its products directly to plastic surgeons and dermatologists through its distributors for the domestic & International markets while offering independent testing by outside facilities to verify internal product integrity and dermatological and SPF testing.

Based in California, USA, the company continues its pursuit of new technology and excellence, quickly bringing new products to the marketplace that address healthcare and physician needs.

We are confident that you will be as pleased and excited about the products as we are here at Clinical Resolution Laboratory. It remains our goal to develop cosmeceutical and nutraceutical solutions that make a difference.

Clinical Resolution Laboratory, Inc.

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