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MTS-Roller Model: CR5 (0.5mm)


This device is developed for the less invasive Collagen-Induction-Therapy (CIT). The model can be used on hair restoration, face rejuvenation and neck wrinkle. Its needles penetrate the skin with 0.5 mm and induce body-own collagen in the dermal layers.


The MTS-Roller with in combination of HR Matrix™ (U.S. patent # 6,376,557) is the first and only product in its class to directly stimulate the Anagenic Growth phase of hair cycle with growth promoting growth factors for hair. It provide the decent technological innovation in advanced skin and scalp rejuvenation. They together delivers healthier scalp rejuvenation without surgery and expense of other more invasive treatments.

HR Matrix is the product of a deliberate investigation into the chemical signals that control the hair growth cycle. HR Matrix is the first and only product in its class to directly stimulate the Anagenic Growth phase of the hair cycle with growth promoting growth factors for hair. The product is also first in its class to directly suppress the Catagenic Rest and Telogenic Loss phases of the hair cycle. The combined result is a hair restoration product that offers faster results with improved efficacy in problem treatment areas.

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The advantages of MTS-Roller + HR Matrix are clear and convincing:

When HR Matrix, in combination with the MTS-Roller, is directly infiltrated through the micro-pores to the hair matrix, it acts immediately to develop its best effects of up to 80% or more for the optimal results. After the treatment, the stratum corneum acts as a long-term depot for HR Matrix.

  • At 8 weeks, 100% of men treated with MTS Peptide HR Matrix experienced an increase in hair growth and an average 80% reduction in hair loss.
  • Twelve weeks of study revealed a 62% reduction in sebum production for volunteers using MTS Peptide HR Metrix.
  • MTS Peptide HR Matrix reduces the Demodex population by an average of 32%.
  • Extremly high infiltration rate
  • Improved cell-growth
  • Optimized effects
  • Minimal dosage
  • Perfect flow-characteristics
  • One daily treatment only
  • Best value for the best price
  • Skin Safe and no side effects!
  • Promote new hair growth in 3 months

Some facts the user of hair re-growth agents should know!

The human skin
The human skin is structured very useful. It protects the organism against environmental influences such as dirt, bacteria, etc. The top layer of the skin (stratum corneum) is structured from tiny scales. They are arranged in brick-type layers held together by fat formations (lipids). These scales are permanently renewed from the lower layers of the epidermis. They are a steady growing protection wall, also called “epidermal barrier”. For these reasons it is understandable, that active substances can penetrate this barrier only by very small traces. Often not enough to achieve an positive effect.

Agents and their formulations
Active agents are either hydrophilic (watery) or lipophilic (fatty) formulated. The reason is simple. Some substances can only be dissolved in water (alcohol), some only in combination with fat (creams). Hydrophilic formulations have certain disadvantages: Their carrier such as water, alcohol, glycol, etc. evaporate very fast. They have a low viscosity and are difficult to control. Additionally to that watery solutions are difficult to combine with the lipids of the human skin. According to the Studies of the University of Marburg a hydrophilic formulation can penetrate the skin with only 0.08%. This explains the often reduced effect of HR Matrix in a hydrophilic formulations.

Lipophilic formulations have advantages: The skin-lipids have a faster and closer interaction with the lipophilic formulations (ointments, creams, etc.). Only the invention of liposomes helps science to make more progress in that matter.

Liposomes are micro-molecular compounds. In a complicated process the active agents are embedded in tiny fat pellets. They are very lissom and can therefore slip between the scales into the deeper epidermal layers. The University of Marburg has proven that fact. Compared with normal topical creaming 0.27% of the liposomes can penetrate the stratum corneum. With no doubt liposomes are a beneficial invention with a slight disadvantage: they are more expensive than hydrophilic formulations.

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