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Advantages in Brief

Compared with the conventional peeling methods, the MICRO-NEEDLING with the MTS-Roller has undisputable advantages. The most important one is that the epidermis, the natural skin protection barrier, remains intact! Due to the fact that the epidermis is NOT removed or otherwise damaged, most of the risks and negative side effects of chemical peeling or laser resurfacing are eliminated. While the prick channels in the epidermis have closed within hours, under its protection shield a new collagen-structure starts to form on the dermis.

Treatment time
About 10 minutes for each treatment.
Skin channeling
About 200,000 cahnnels in 5 min.
321 microneedle /Cm2 over an area of 2Cm2
(needle length 200µm, thickness 35µm)
Common purpose
To induce natural collagen for contributing towards skin thickening.
To form a transcellular route for the active ingredient penetration.
Healing period
Short term and rapid self-healing period in less than 5 days.
Long term continuous effect.
Cost effective than Laser treatment.
Collagen induction(PCI)
Cellulite treatment
Skin tightness
Skin thickness
Improve wrinkle
Improve skin pigmentation
Improve skin scar
Improve alopecia
Cellulite “hydrolipodystrophy”
Rides “rejuvenation”
Skin laxity
Skin tone
Face lifting
Striae, Stretch mark
Keloid scar
Skin pore
Atopy and sensitive dermatitis
Eczematous dermatitis
Risk fact
No risk. No permanent damage to the skin.
Applicable area
• Face
• Neck
• Arms
• Abdomin
• Legs
• Under eye
• Acne scars
• Hair
• Wound and surgical scars
• Facelift, Hair transplantation scars
• Surgical abdominal scars
• Thoracic scars
• Breast plastic operation scars
• Post liposuction, Orthopedic scars
• Burn contractures

Two principals should be considered:
  • The transdermal delivery of cosmetic substances with the MTS-Roller for personal treatment and with its relatively short needle serves more for the preserving care of the skin. But is has a limited effect.

  • Sun damaged skin, visible wrinkles, cellulite, acne-scars, scars and stretch marks are classical indications for a CIT. Therefore, before a home treatment with the shorter needles are commenced, it is advisable to explain to the client that a CIT can re-build the skin structure from bottom to top – the visible surface.


A treatment with the MTS-Roller should be followed with the regular use of the Personal MTS-Roller combined with the active skin care product range or medically approved products rich in vitamin A, C and antioxidants.

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