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Patented Technology behind MTS


Advances in the processing of materials on a micro-scale have led to the development and introduction of devices that employ very small needles – microneedles – that deliver drugs by mechanically perforating the out skin layer and allowing for transdermal absorption of the active compound. These processing techniques incorporate one or more technologies that enable the precise machining, extrusion, casting, and/or forming of from one to an array or grid of microneedles.

Microneedles are generally arranged in so-called microfibricated arrays. They are synthesized by reactive ion etching techniques on silicon or other types of material, in order to create microscopic arrays of needles, measuring 100-1000µm in length and 10-15µm in tip diameter. When these needles are inserted into skin, they pierce the stratum corneum and create microconduits for transport across the stratum corneum.

Microneedles may be small enough to capture the convenience of patches but large enough to create micrometer-scale pathways across the skin for drug delivery of even the largest macromolecules. Microneedles can be painlessly inserted into the skin of human subjects and their use does not need any medical expertise.

The MTS Roller™ series shares all of the advantages of the typical microneedle array, but have also a unique way of mechanically driving the applied substance under the skin, through the holes already created by the MTS Roller™ needles. The needles on the surface of the MTS Roller™ create miniscule holes of 0.07mm diameter and 0.13mm to 2.5mm in depth, while the cylinder itself literally pushes mechanically the applied substance inside the holes and finally under the skin.

The MTS Roller, a barrel-like roller with 200 incorporated micro-points, is made by the world's best German grinding skill with patented needle-tip hardening technology to provide the safest medical skin treatment. They are so fine and short that an injury of the dermis is impossible when handled according to the instruction. All components used are friendly to the skin with no known negative side-effects than any other skin treatment methodes.


The MTS-Roller has been designed using ergonomic principles with the aim of reducing discomfort and increasing productivity during microneedle operation. The asymmetric tilt on this Roller ensures that it falls naturally under the fingers.

  • Designed by a professional automobile designer
  • Unique ergonomic shape for easy grip
  • Easy for left-hand use
  • Sculpted design fits easily under the palm
  • Helps avoid hand strain
  • Medical Grade clear plastic with a smooth finish
  • Easy rolling action
  • No chemical bonding

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