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Q: What is "MTS"?

"MTS" is the trademark for Clinical Resolution Laboratory’s "Microneedle Therapy System" - a complete mesotheraputic system that includes several medical and technological breakthroughs in the treatment of scars, various skin conditions, and even hairloss.

Q: What is “mesotherapy”?

A: The term itself uses Greek “mesos” and “therapeia” to describe methodology that applies non-surgical medicinal treatment techniques to the ‘middle’ layer of the skin. Mesotherapy describes a range of techniques that may be applied to a wide range of maladies, but in the case of MTS Roller™, the method is cosmetic. The “mesotherapy-effect” of MTS stimulates the skin to produce collagen without removing the top layer of skin. MTS does not inject serums or solutions; it only permits deeper infusion of topical applications (e.g., anti-aging serums) thereby increasing effectiveness.

Q: What is MTS Roller™?

MTS-Roller is part of a family of "skin-friendly" products based upon the “mesotherapy” concept. MTS doesn't burn your skin (IPL/laser), dissolve it (chemical peels), or abrade and scrape it (dermabrasion). MTS-Rollers gently stimulate your skin with 200 very fine “bristles” that encourages natural collagen production. Collagen is what your body produces to keep your skin healthy. The “mesotherapy-effect” also greatly increases penetration of therapeutic topical serums and other applications that contain multi-peptides, vitamins, liposomals, herbs, and hair growth formulas (e.g., O2P, Propecia, Minoxidil). Clinical studies from Europe, U.S. and South Korea have proven that MTS Roller increases serum absorption by as much as 1,000 times.

Q: Are there clinical studies to back up the claims of MTS Roller?

A: Yes. Comparison clinical studies conducted by leading dermatological universities in South Korea have also shown that MTS Rollers are more effective in increasing the thickness of the skin than IPL and just as effective as ablative treatments (chemical peel, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing) and non-ablative machine-based treatments like CO2 laser, Fraxel, and Thermage. Additional studies on the mesotherapy concept have been conducted by other leading universities in Germany, South Africa, Australia, and by practitioners in the United States. Moreover, clinical acceptance of this method is growing rapidly in the U.S.; the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that mesotherapy grew 505% from 2005 to 2006 while other treatment methods have either subsided (e.g., Botox injections, -3%, dermabrasion, -28%) or flattened (chemical peel, 0%).

Q: Does MTS Roller™ smooth Acne Marks?

A: By inducing production of collagen and elastin MTS Roller does something that no other treatment method –without removing the top layer of the skin. Within the first treatment of a CR5 (0.5mm), patients notice diminished superficial acne marks. After the third treatment, deeper acne marks begin to fill in. By the 5th to 6th treatment, patients experience results similar to deep chemical peel or laser resurfacing.

Q: Can MTS Roller™ help Men?

A: Absolutely. In fact, many men find MTS Roller treatment less intimidating than the preparations required for other methods because it is a bit like getting a shave at a barber.

Q: Is the Personal MTS Roller™ as effective as Clinical Versions?

A: At-home MTS Rollers are shorter – 0.2mm or 0.3mm depending upon the model – thus collagen and elastin production is not as significant. Home models are really designed to supplement clinical treatments. Anecdotally, there are cases where patients delay ‘recharge visits’ to the clinic by as much as a year with regular (2 -3 times a week) personal treatments.

Q: Can MTS Roller™ make Skin Age?

A: No.

Q: Is MTS Roller™ effective in the Eye Lids?

A: No.

Q: Who can buy MTS Roller?

A: Licensed dermatologists, skin surgeons (plastic, reconstructive), medical assistants, nurses, and certified therapists may purchase the full range of MTS Roller models (CR2, CR3, CR5, CR10, CR20, and CR30). MTS Roller™ models up to CR5 (0.5mm) can also be used by trained estheticians and other cosmological specialists with minimal theoretical and practical training.
For MTS Roller with 0.2mm of length, anyone may purchase the model and use it for his own skincare treatment. See “Is Training required for MTS Roller Treatment?”

Q: Can you use Microdermabrasion with MTS Roller™?

A: Yes. In fact, MTS Roller is compatible with most other non-ablative treatment modalities. For instance, some patients may notice scaling on the skin as a result of the MTS Roller™ action. To start, you may use no more than a mild ablative wash to smooth out the scaling. After about the first 6 months when MTS Roller™ treatments are given ample time to thicken the skin then you may undergo microdermabrasion treatment to help exfoliate. Microdermabarasion will further stimulate collagen production and even out skin texture and tone.

Q: Is Training required for MTS Roller™ treatment?

A: The manufacturer of MTS Roller™ only sells the full range of models to licensed dermatologists, skin surgeons (plastic, reconstructive), medical assistants, nurses, and certified therapists. MTS Roller™ models up to CR5 (0.5mm) can also be used by trained estheticians and other cosmological specialists with minimal theoretical and practical training. Generally speaking, a professional clinician can be fully trained in MTS Roller™ operation in less than 2 hours of supervised application.

Q: Can MTS Roller™ make Hyperpigmentation less noticeable?

A: Yes. MTS Roller™ personal and clinical models can help to inhibit hyperpigmentation. This is where collagen induction can easily aid the skin without abrading the epidermis. Several treatments from a specialist are required to even out skin tone and get rid of hyperpigmentation.

Q: Can MTS Roller™ make Large Pores shrink?

A: Yes, by way of inducing the skin to produce collagen which thickens the skin and tightens the surface. Collagen production is stimulated through the action of the MTS Roller™. Additional benefit can be gained by microdermabration which can give added benefit by loosening clogged pores thereby allowing them to return to their natural shape and size.

Q: Do you see a difference after one MTS Roller™ treatment?

A: Yes. Even the first treatment with a personal roller will show some enhancement. Real differences are achieved with monthly clinical treatments. After the third treatment in conjunction with weekly personal roller application a patient will notice significant changes. The full effect is achieved after five months.

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