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0. MTS-Roller Package (Full Document)
1. MTS Anti-Aging Complex
2. MTS Hair Restoration Complex
3. MTS VitaPep Serum
4. MTS Peptide Mask
5. MTS Peptide Moisturizer
6. MTS Sun Protective Cream
7. MTS Amino Peptide Serum
8. MTS Peptide HR Matrix
9. MTS Roller CR02

Articles and Advertisements

Microneedle Therapy System has received a lot of attention for its cutting edge technology and effectiveness in acne skin treatment. To check out the recent media coverage Microneedle Thrapy System has received, be sure to visit us in the near future for updates, news, and the latest on Microneedle Therapy System.

Training Seminars

Microneedle Therapy System Institute (MTSI) teaches Licensed Medical Professionals about the many aspects of the rapidly growing field of medical aesthetics. Students are taught how medicine and aesthetics can harmoniously come together to help clients of all ages achieve their maximum treatment results.

Microneedle Therapy System Institute attempts to find the most up-to-date Medical Aesthetic Techniques, even if it is necessary to travel to anywhere arounf the world to receive proper training to do so.

The Instructors travel frequently to Asia, Europe, South America, and areas in the United States where they receive the most up-to-date training possible from leading expert Medical Professionals/Collegues in the Aesthetic Field of Medicine. The Instructors try their best to be updated in the aspects of the latest techniques needed to perform the procedures with the greatest aesthetic enhancement for the patients.

Microneedle Therapy System Institute offers comprehensive MTS Basic and Advanced, Mesotherapy, Fat Transfer, Hair Transplantation/Restoration, and Medical Aesthetics courses Nationwide to All Licensed Medical Professionals.

For more schedule in North America:
For more schedule in East Asia:

MTSI Training Seminars in Korea

Private Teaching

Private training is available for those who desire a more in depth one on one training program. The course will be tailored to suit your individual needs as to the amount of discussion versus training seminars. The training will take place at local MTS offices in your area. You will personally be involved in the treatment of actual patients on average covering the scope of Microneedle Therapy and Aesthetic Mesotherapy. By the end of your training, you should have enough confidence and skill to immediately apply these techniques to your private practice.

  • Course objectives

  • diagnose and treat the wrinkles and stretch marks

  • diagnose and treat the different types of cellulite

  • diagnose and treat the different types of alopecia

  • perform a Microneedle Therapy on the face and neck

  • know how and when to use

  • perform point to point technique

  • learn the theory of Microneedle therapy

Please call for pricing and availability. You may contact us at

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